Transparency in Food Manufacturing

Transparency in Food Manufacturing

It’s been awhile. We have been super busy creating some amazing artwork that will hit the shelves of Costco and Wegman’s verry soon and air on HSN in the next few weeks. We know that’s not an excuse for the lack of posts and content, but it’s all we’ve got for now 🙂

PaperRoo Package Design and Branding has taken on a few clients recently. A few in the meat industry and one in the pet arena. What is really interesting is the new direction that food is taking. Yes, we all want healthy natural foods, but are we always getting what it says? Yes and no.

I think it is interesting that the focus has turned to be very transparent about our food and where it comes from – they want consumers to learn about the farm or fishing port and know that they only work with business who handle the livestock in a humane manner.  Giving the consumer the full story behind each of the purchases that they are making – gives them reassurance in what they are eating.

This all makes a huge difference in the design of the package. Paper Roo clients want to tell their story without cluttering the front panel with 10 different symbols that really means absolutely nothing to the general public. In the mock up below we wanted to keep it very simple. We added a creative spin on the customers logo and incorporated it into the sleeve as a diecut window in order to see more product.  Creative diecut windows are a sweet spot for one of our designers. She loves to create structures that are different and really pushes the limit of our die makers. The rest of the package design is super simple. Photographs are everything – they tell a story themselves. We added a short story about the companies foundation on the front and on the back of the sleeve will be a full right up of each farm and port that they use for all their various products. It’s a smart direction to go, if you want to put it all out on the table.

This is a concept drawing to show direction, but as you can see it is following the theory of telling a story through smart design and healthy eating.

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