Market Analysis

The average shopper makes a purchase decision within 10-20 seconds of seeing the product on a shelf!  At Paper Roo Package Design and Branding we know the importance of Market Research in every product line up from structural package design, graphic design and shelf location. Recently, marketers have been recognizing the importance of packaging and how it ultimately influences a consumers decision at the point-of-sale. Many companies face the challenge by adopting research strategies and metrics that are similar to those being used in the evaluation of their advertising campaigns. However, they often run into many challenges along the way because of all the factors that go into packaging. There are a few general principles we use when executing research studies to accurately gauge the market impact of your brand line up – which will ultimately influence the direction of your design decisions.

The first challenge is to be considered an option. The second is to keep them coming back. In fact, Eye Tracking studies have shown that the average consumer does not see at least one third of the brands on the shelf. It also shows the packaging that is seen over the competition correlates with the consumers purchase decisions.

Market research is important not only for accountability, it also provides the designers at Paper Roo Package Design and Branding with the vision to further fuel our creativity and problem solve. Investing in packaging research will be rewarded with a more successful brand line up and the insight to create more effective brands that will have a better chance at standing out on the shelf.

We provide:

  • Consumer Focus Groups
  • Market Research
  • Ethnography

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