Structural Package Design

Substrate Expertise | Decisions, Decisions!
Our Packaging Engineers can help you pick the correct board material and thickness for your product. Combine our knowledge in product weight distribution and our experience with board materials – you will have yourself a neat box that will travel safe!

Engineered Boxes | Fit it to the box!
Packaging Engineers are pretty amazing people! We can create precise CAD drawings to meet your specifications. Send us product samples and we will provide you with a sample prototype that you can test with the product. The style of the box is not the only critical part – the fit is too!

  • Accurate CAD Drawings
  • Product testing
  • Blank Sample Folding Cartons and/or Ridged Boxes
  • Full dieline specification sheets
  • Tertiary Packaging | Also known as Transport Packaging which offers protection to the product during shipment
  • Secondary Packaging | Generally displays of a product on a shelf with items such as trays, display packs and shipping packers
  • Primary Packaging | Is considered the component that contains the final product such as a bottle or a can of soup

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