Polychromatic Nail Polish

Polychromatic Nail Polish

Nicole from Paper Roo Package Design and Branding not only creates amazing folding cartons, she also creates lux ridged boxes too! “I’ve had people ask me, what is a Ridge Box?” It is exactly as it sounds, a box that is ridged! Often, ridged boxes can be seen carrying delicious Godiva Chocolates, an new iPhone or even a gorgeous piece of Waterford Crystal. And now Polychromatic Nail Polish!

This client was looking for us to design a ridge box that would be used to hold their new nail polish line, Polychromatic. What direction were we given to execute this project? Each box will contain six bottles of nail polish. Their sales team will be using these during executive meetings with large retailers such as Ulta. The design must be flawless and luxurious.

The pressure was on.

During the sketching phase at our first kick off meeting we immediately decided on a ridged box because it displays a sense of luxury… as long as the proper materials are chosen.

We first started with a ridge base and used an 110 pound black matte stock as the wrap material. We then created a foam tray made of charcoal #1475 foam with 6 diecut rectangles to hold the nail polish bottles. The top of the foam tray was covered in a black valor to give the foam a more lux look. The lid was created as a sleeve with a diecut of the “P” from the Polychromatic logo. With a diecut in the sleeve, we needed to find a way to hide the nail polish bottles from being visible through the diecut “P”. From a manufacturing standpoint, adding a hot pink window film would have been far to costly. Between special ordering the film and adding extra time and resources to heat the window film into the sleeve – holy cost increase – so we needed a new plan. We came up with a hot pink foil lined tray that tucked over the sides of the diecut foam. The hot pink foil would then be exposed through the diecut “P” on the sleeve.  The “Polychromatic” name as well as other company information and a QR code was than hot foil stamped on various parts of the base and sleeve to create a very sleek clean finish.

The client was blow away by the Package and so were we! Over all, win win for Paper Roo and The Poly Sales Team.

Polychromatic Nail Polish Ridged Box by Paper Roo polycc.com

   Polychromatic Nail Polish Ridged Box by Paper Roo polycc.comPolychromatic Nail Polish Ridged Box by Paper Roo polycc.comPolychromatic Nail Polish Ridged Box by Paper Roo polycc.com