Boo! Monster Packaging coming right up!

Boo! Monster Packaging coming right up!

Holiday food packaging is always fun! In the food industry we start our packaging months before the holidays to assure product hits the shelves on time. Of course, the biggest challenge for the package designers at Paper Roo Package Design and Branding is not leak the new designs to the public. It takes lots of self-control, but we can keep secrets! Lets just hope everyone has enough self-control to not eat the entire bag of the latest Halloween Limited Edition Hard Candy ‘Monster Mix.’

Our Paper Roo’s Package Design Team work directly with the packaging manufacturers to assure all colors, graphics and structures are printed and diecut correctly as well as your food co-packers to make sure all products are packaged properly. Taking that extra step makes us proud to see packaging on grocery shelves knowing we put in our absolute best!
We are very honored to finally announce the Monster Mix Hard Candies to shelves across the East Coast!

Happy Halloween!!

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