A Package Design Book – Advanced

A Package Design Book – Advanced

“I have to admit I’m not much of a reader. I buy books to make my book shelf look full. For years, I have been searching for a book to read that wouldn’t bore me to death. Having been in the Design world for 12 years – it’s very difficult for me to find a book on Package Design that is on my level. Not to sound like a snob or indicate that I know everything about it, but most books are very amateur.

Last week I was searching the web for some ideas and I ran into a site that looked as if it was very sketchy. Come to find out it wasn’t at all. It was a very generic website promoting a book called “Packaging Design: Successful Product Branding from Concept to Shelf. Second Addition” by Marianne Rosner Klimchuk and Sandra A. Krasovec. I then jumped over to Amazon and bought the book for $46.

I have to say I couldn’t stop reading. I learned so many little things from this book. Things that I probably would have learned had I gone to school for Design, but did not. It talks about the History of branding, the start of packaging lines to current marketing strategies, design developments and so much more! I recommend this book to designers of any level – from Student to Senior. Students, while they have an amazing ability to create amazing packages, they unfortunately lack the manufacturing experience. Most of the packages that I have seen on sites like lovelypacakge.com and thedieline.com are great for concept design, however, most of them fall short in the manufacturing capability. Our Senior designer have the experience under their belts, but forget there is always room to learn and evolve with the rest of the changing world.

Go buy this book on Amazon – Because these ladies did a fabulous job!”

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