Gusset Box Design

Gusset Box, Package Design, Packaging, Nicole Dana Package Designer, graphic design, food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, cosmetic package design, food packaging, food package design, pharmaceutical packaging, make up packagingWe have recently had the opportunity to work on a new structural design for a company in Road Island who specialize in prenatal vitamins. Most women, even if you do not have children of your own, know that most prenatal vitamins are like horse pills and can be difficult to swallow. This company has formulated a powdered supplement that the ‘mommy to be’ will mix in 12oz of water. Their product ingredients are all nutrients that have been approved by the FDA and best of all, their customers love the taste!

Initially, their structural design was Partial Seal End with a locking tab on 16PT SBS board stock. Wanting to give their product a new look, we worked diligently to come up with a structure that not only is more unique on the retail shelf, but also has a decent amount of real estate for branding. With samples of their product, we were able to design a gusseted box using 14PT SBS Plus. This particular board stock is much softer, with a lower pulp content, which will allow more flexibility to the carton when bending at the folds and cut scores in the gusset.

Needless to say, the structure of a carton is very important to the end user. At the end of the day, user friendly cartons and proper functionality is something that we strive to accomplish everyday.